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Total Place Technical Services is a leading supplier of automatic rolling shutters in Dubai. We have a high number of varieties in heavy duty shutters. The shutters are designed to give total safety and security to the shops or offices. The rolling shutters are preferred especially when there is no surrounding space. However these are best suitable for smaller as well larger entrances.

The automatic rolling shutters allow users to operate with a single push button. We have supplied shutters to various units like malls, garages, supermarkets, warehouses, libraries, shops, and showrooms. We are specialized in the supply and repair of automatic shutters. Clients also get the best consultancy with us to install the most suitable door for their premises.

Automatic Roller Doors

The shutters are an age-old concept for compact spaces. Offices and shops situated in a complex do not have enough space for the doors. Moreover, rolling shutters also give a strong security against burglaries. Our team is holding vast experience in designing and installation of advanced shutters. The shutters are installed to give smooth operation and total security. The rolling shutters are available in a variety of colours and styles. Moreover, we have different sizes to meet the needs of various units. The shutters are also tailor-made to meet the unique needs of the entry points.

Rolling Shutter Doors in Dubai

Dubai is a bustling place with hundreds of industries. From small shops to large industrial parks, we are serving everyone with consistent products. We offer products of all the different types and hence are able to cater to the needs of different segments.

The automatic rolling shutters are driven by a gearbox and electric motor. However, they are automated due to the type of operation. Users can simply operate them without traditional pull and push action. The hassle-free closing and opening allow anyone to operate them without any manual efforts.

In the case of emergencies, the shutters have the option of manual operation as well. The shutters are best suitable for the garages, showrooms, warehouses, and other commercial units. The shutters are highly durable and simple to maintain. They are best for less space consumption and strong security.

Automated Shutters Suppliers

Shutters serve as an access or entrance to your establishment. Rolling shutters are difficult to breach and hence keep you safe from the theft. Unauthorized intruders cannot break-in due to closely fitted shutters.

Each of our automatic rolling shutters is most suitable for routine use. The motorised operation makes functioning smooth and speedy. We supply shutters made from aluminium as well as steel. While these shutters are strong and durable, they are also economical. We survey the premise and supply made-to-measure shutters which combine strength and looks. Trouble-free operation of the shutters makes it simple to close and open the offices or garages. The shutters are highly reliable and function with very low noise.

Get in touch with us to get automatic rolling shutters in Dubai of width that will rightly fit your entrance. Our friendly team will consult you to select the best design and colour to make the exteriors look grand.

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