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An entrance is the first spot that connects the visitor to the place. It signals the high repute of the building. Stylish revolving doors serve as a style statement for any modern architecture. Total Place Technical Services is a leading supplier and repairer of glass revolving doors in Dubai. We create beautiful mobility for trendy corporate structures with our revolving entrance system.

Advanced quality revolving doors build beautiful entrances with its crystal clear stylish effect. The revolving doors blend climate control benefits with a high level of security and traffic management. It restricts the entry of a number of people into the building at a time. Places like clubs, and jewellery shops prefer revolving glass doors.

Stylish Revolving Door Systems

Great entrances speak a lot about the unit inside. Revolving glass doors represent high repute and classiness of the office. It creates a first impression for the company or unit. A good architecture is a sign of reputation and impression for the company. At Total Place Technical Services, we provide revolving entrances of different width and shapes.

Revolving glass doors are ideal for-

Luxurious stores
• Museums
• Clubs
• Multiplexes
• Sports complexes
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Malls
• Corporate offices

We have unlimited styles and designs for doors to make entrances of the building unique. With revolving entrance, your building stands out and becomes a focal point in the area.

Total Place Technical Services team specializes in supply and installation of top quality doors. Revolving systems are also a great security device when you want only a single person to enter at a time. These types of the system automatically restrict multiple entries and hence good for the places where security scanning is a must. As for crucial buildings, revolving systems can be provided with bullet-proof glasses.

Total Place Technical Services revolving systems are manufactured by passionate and creative planners and engineers. Starting with hotels, the doors are highly popular among shopping malls, banks, museums, airports, and bus stations. We supply doors in a variety of dimensions and strong sensors.

If you are looking for modern-day revolving doors of high-quality glass, Total Place Technical Services is the right place. We have great experience in supplying right doors with accurate dimensions and controlled visibility. As per the client‛s need, we customize the glass design to provide controlled and restricted visibility for the public. Our products meet the international industry standards and made of sublime aesthetic and engineering standards.