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Automatic sliding glass doors are used in a variety of industrial and commercial buildings. They are highly popular in banks, shopping malls, and public places like airports. Advanced designing, automated operation, and sleek style add unique looks to space. Total Place Technical Services offers best quality sliding glass door in Dubai.

Our sliding doors of glass meet your precise requirements of sizes, finishes, and colours. Besides security, the doors add extra charm to the entrances. Our range of sliding glass doors come with longer durability and smooth sliding effect. It gives a sound framework to the entrance of the structure.

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

Automatic sliding glass doors are luxurious options to control foot traffic. It restricts traffic movement without any manual efforts.

Dubai is a city of shoppers with a huge number of beautiful structures built on modern architecture. All the elements including doors are flaunting impressive designs and styles. Total Place Technical Services is known for elegant and stylish glass doors with smooth sliding. The flexible sliding doors have many options including remote access. The doors are suitable for a variety of entrances of round shape and rectangular shape.

Benefits of Sliding Door Systems

Our sliding doors of glass are equipped with efficient motors and sensors. They save space and add elegance to the modern buildings.

With sliding glass doors, you have some best benefits for your entrances and exit points.

1. Efficient Energy Savers

Sliding doors work on insulators and help in keeping your building warm in cool weather. It keeps the interiors cool in hot summer. Automatic sliding doors feature thermal insulation and keep dust and moisture away from your interiors.

2. Traffic Flow Management

Sliding doors create a seamless flow of controlled traffic without any hassles. The large glass panels offer a panoramic view of the outer space.

3. Security

Made of transparent shatterproof safety glasses, sliding glass doors are quite safe. Incorporated gaskets in the sliding doors and seals prevent the sliding leaf from moving out of its frame. Doors smoothly glide on the rail without any sound.

4. Space Saving

Sliding glass doors save lots of space inside and outside the entrances. They simply glide on the horizontal panels without any swing open.

5. Quick Access and Operation

Sliding doors move swiftly through their rails. Users need not make any efforts to move them. This makes access to outdoor areas easy. This is very useful for units like shopping malls, airports, and railway stations where traffic is too frequent.

Total Place Technical Services is an experienced team of engineers and technicians. We are not only supplying sliding doors but also offer excellent maintenance. Any repair and replacement of sliding glass doors in Dubai are done upon a single call. We are a reputed company dealing with security gates and maintenance of the automatic gates and doors. We have served hundreds of shops, malls, libraries, public utilities, factories, and corporate structures.

Call us to install stylish sliding doors with all support and honest consultation. Our team of engineers will suggest the best solutions for exit and entry points. Sliding doors made of sleek glass material add amazing beauty to the stylish structure.

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